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Main » 2013 » February » 10 » Int’l Media Presenting Shahbag Movement in A Wrong Aspect
2:20 PM
Int’l Media Presenting Shahbag Movement in A Wrong Aspect
Posted by A. I. Sajib in Bangladesh, Talk of the Time, Thoughts and tagged with , , , ,

shahbag square

Hot topic in Bangladesh is the revolutionary protest taking place at the capital’s Shahbag intersection for four consecutive days where over 1,00,000 people have reportedly joined on Friday’s grand rally. These are people mostly from general level with no connection to politics. There are many media personalities, celebrities, school-college-university students and media journalists. But the International media is surprisingly calm about it or are presenting the news in an entirely wrong aspect.

Please read in-depth information about why this protest is taking place, who are taking part and where it’s headed at my article on CNN iReport: The Spirit of ’71 Rises at Shahbag Square.

CNN ASIA published a report about the protest titled Protests erupt in Bangladesh after war-crimes verdict. But the report is misleading as you can see in the comment section of that report, people have expressed their anger. The reporter wrote "Hundreds of Dhaka University students took to the streets in the capital’s Shahbagh Square..” But the reality is, the protest first took place by Bloggers and Online Activists’ Network (BOAN) that combines a group of students from different universities.

The protest went viral as information about it was being posted on many community Bangla blogging platforms as well as shared on Facebook by popular Pages. People of all classes began gathering at Shahbag Square with one demand, "Hang the war criminals.” But the CNN report gives readers a hint that the protest was started by the students of Dhaka University.

shahbag protest

Today there are no political banners. Today there is one identity to all these people: Bangladeshi.

Bloomberg/Businessweek has also covered this story. While they seem to be fair enough, but they have omitted the most valuable information that this never-seen-before demonstration is a result of general people’s willful participation. There are no religions, no political parties or no genders; all of the people gathered at Shahbag square blocking the intersection want justice. They want death penalty for every war criminal.

Reuters also covered the protest, but just like Bloomberg, they have missed the most important part of the story.

I’ve taken a look this midday at BBC and was surprised to see that there was no information about this widespread protest in Bangladesh. The network published a story about an incident in the river that took place recently, but nothing about the protest that’s been taking place since Tuesday.

A friend of mine believes that this is all because the US government does not want Jamaat-e-Islami leaders to be hanged. That is the main reason none of the International media are giving proper coverage of what’s really going on here. Al Jazeera seemed to have covered the protest in short and theirs is the one I find most accurate so far.

I don’t know what’s the real reason the international media is acting this weird. We all are frustrated at them. If necessary, they can take a look at Daily Star, and many other online newspapers to find out the real truth behind this protest. But apparently, they are not interested or willingly avoiding this mass protest that’s slowly turning into a revolution.

I’m glad that my iReport giving detailed information on what’s really happening was not banned!

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