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China Product HS Code
Conventional medical products export customs HS code (code of export goods) query
    Declaration of medical product name     HS code (for reference only)    
    Nurse cap     6307900090    
    Plastic bag     3926209000900    
    Plaster     30051010    
    Plaster     30051010    
    Wound paste     30051090    
    Self-adhesive wound dressing     30051090    
    Gauze     30059010    
    Cotton swab     30059010    
    Abdominal pad     30059010    
    (cloth)     30059010    
    Surface dressing     30059010    
    Urinal     39229000    
    Bedpan     39229000    
    Kit     39231000    
    PE gloves     39262000    
    PVC gloves     39262000    
    CPE shoes     39262000    
    PE shoes     39262000    
    Condom     40141000    
    Hot water bag     40149000    
    Ice     40149000    
    A set of     40149000    
    Operation gloves     40151100    
    Examination gloves     40151900    
    Air cushion (rubber)     40169500    
    A set of     40170020    
    Paper mask     48189000    
    Carton     48191000    
    Anti-dust masks     6307900090    
    Operation.     6210103020    
    Tent     63062200    
    Cushion     63069100    
    Non-woven mask     6307900090    
    Non-woven mask     63079000    
    Bandage     63079000    
    Travel pillow     63079000    
    Nonwoven absorbent pad     63079000    
    Non-woven sheet     63079000    
    Children's shoes     6405200090    
    A cane     66020000    
    Walker     66020000    
    Slide     70179000    
    Bathroom scale     84231000    
    Weight     84231000    
    Capacitor     85322900    
    Wheelchair     87131000    
    Wheelchair fittings     87142000    
    ECG machine     90181100    
    Electronic sphygmomanometer     90181990    
    Infrared device     90182000    
    Syringe     90183100    
    Anesthesia needle     90183210    
    Scalp needle per Ding Kang     90183220    
    Infusion device     90183900    
    Urine bag each Ding Kang finishing     90183900    
    Indwelling needle     90183900    
    Umbilical cord clamp     90183900    
    Blood sampling needle     90183900    
    Nasal oxygen tube     90183900    
    Catheter     90183900    
    Identification tape     90189090    
    Tube etc.     90183900    
    Three-way valve     90183900    
    Medical catheter     90183900    
    Stethoscope     90189010    
    Sphygmomanometer     90189020    
    Blood pressure table every Ding Kang finishing     90189020    
    Adjustable oxygen mask     90189020    
    Electronic sphygmomanometer     90189020    
    Operation blade per Ding Kang     90189090    
    Operation knife     90189090    
    Dilator for vagina     90189090    
    Anus bag     90189090    
    The thermometer     90251990    
    Electronic weight meter     90251990    
    Stuffed toys     95034100    
    The tongue depressor     90189090 or 44219000    
    Plastic toothpick        
    Disposable mattress     6302329010    
    PE apron per Ding Kang     3926209000    
    Medical furniture     9402109000    
    ECG recording paper     4911991090    
    Medical gel     30067000    
    Glasses     9001509900    
    Suture needle     9018322000    
    Microscope     9011800000    
    Vulcanized rubber condoms     40141000
    Vulcanized rubber, other health and medical supplies     40149000
    Vulcanized rubber surgical finger, finger and finger even dew     40151100
    Vulcanized rubber, other finger, mittens and mitts     40151900
    Rubber medical garments and accessories sulfide     40159010
    Paper napkins and hemostatic plug, baby diapers, diapers     48184000
    Life jackets and belts, per Ding Kang finishing     63072000
    Lead crystal glass bathroom, office, indoor decoration ware     70139100
    Vision correction glasses with a photochromic lens blank     70151010
    Other vision correction glasses with a glass     70151090
    Fused silica, fused silica glass, medical laboratory     70171000
    Other laboratory, health and dispensing heat-resistant glassware     70172000
    Other laboratory, health and pharmaceutical glassware     70179000
    Disinfection apparatus for medical or laboratory     84192000
    Scientific research, medical special tungsten halogen lamp     85392110
    Other medical special incandescent lamp, P ≤ 200W, V     85392210
    Scientific research, medical special unlisted incandescent bulb     85392910
    Scientific research, medical special hot cathode fluorescent lamp     85393110
    Scientific research, medical special mercury or sodium lamp and metal halide     85393210
    Other research, the special medical discharge lamp     85393910
    Non-motorized vehicles for disabled people     87131000
    Other disabled vehicles per Ding Kang finishing     87139000
    Contact lenses     90013000
    Unlisted corrected visual acuity, eye uses glasses etc.     90049090
    Stereo microscope     90111000
    Unlisted compound microscope     90118000
    Parts, accessories compound optical microscope     90119000
    Microscopy (optical microscope except); diffraction equipment     90121000
    Microscopy (optical microscope except) and diffraction equipment     90129000
    ECG recorder     90181100
    B type ultrasonic diagnostic instrument     90181210
    Color ultrasonic diagnostic instrument     90181291
    Unlisted ultrasonic scanning device     90181299
    Magnetic resonance imaging device     90181300
    Flash photography device     90181400
    Patient monitor     90181930
    Unlisted electrical diagnostic device     90181990
    Ultraviolet and infrared device     90182000
    Syringe, whether or not fitted with head     90183100
    Tubular metal needles     90183210
    Suture needle per Ding Kang finishing     90183220
    Other needles, catheters, intubation and similar products     90183900
    Dental drill, and other dental equipment assembled in the same     90184100
    With dental apparatus     90184910
    Dental unlisted instruments and appliances     90184990
    Department of ophthalmology with other instruments and appliances     90185000
    Stethoscope     90189010
    Blood pressure measuring instruments and appliances     90189020
    Endoscope     90189030
    Renal dialysis equipment (artificial kidney)     90189040
    Diathermy equipment     90189050
    Blood transfusion equipment     90189060
    Anaesthetic equipment     90189070
    Instruments and appliances, other medical, surgical or veterinary     90189090
    Massage apparatus     90191010
    Mechanical therapy apparatus and psychological function test device     90191090
    (ozone, oxygen, spray) therapy, artificial call     90192000
    Other breathing apparatus and gas mask     90200000
    Orthopedic appliances or fracture     90211000
    Teeth per Ding Kang finishing     90212100
    Tooth fixing piece     90212900
    Artificial joint     90213100
    Other artificial body parts     90213900
    Hearing aid, excluding parts, accessories     90214000
    Cardiac pacemaker, excluding parts, accessories     90215000
    Other defect disability wear or implantation in the human body     90219000
    X ray tomography instrument     90221200
    The other, X Ray Application of dental equipment     90221300
    Other, medical, surgical or veterinary X Ray Application     90221400
    Low dose X X-ray security inspection equipment     90221910
    Application of X - ray equipment not specified     90221990
    Application of medical equipment, beta, alpha gamma rays     90222100
    Application of alpha, beta, other equipment gamma rays     90222900
    X ray tube     90223000
    X ray image intensifier     90229010
    X light generator, check with furniture; 9022     90229090
    Liquid in glass thermometer, direct reading     90251100
    The use of optical ray spectrometers, spectrophotometers and spectrograph     90273000
    Dental chair and a haircut similar chairs and parts     94021090
    Other medical furniture     94029000
    ECG 12 lead single digital ECG machine and more than three multichannel electrocardiograph.     90181100
    Dynamic ECG monitoring system equipment used in normal activity, heart rate monitoring, recording and analysis for long time.     90181100
    Intracardiac His-bundle electrogram instrument for his electrical activity of signal beam detection of each ECG cycle, pinpoint the atrioventricular block position.     90181100
    ECG telemetry monitor for remote monitoring of centrifugal law.     90181100
    Transmission of ECG monitoring system     90181100
    Polygraph, used for a variety of physiological parameters monitoring of electrocardiogram, blood pressure, breath, pulse, four above.     90181100
    B type ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and probe     90181210
    Color ultrasonic diagnostic instrument     90181291
    Ultrasonic Doppler blood flowmeter. The determination of velocity and acceleration of the application of Doppler ultrasound blood flow principle     90181299
    Operation equipment multifunctional ultrasonic operation equipment application of ultrasonic principle of cutting, hemostasis.     90181299
    Ultrasound department of orthopedics operation instrument     90181299
    Ultrasonic Doppler fetal monitor, to monitor fetal heart rate.     90181299
    Endoscopic ultrasound two-dimensional, response patterns.     90181299
    Ultrasonic scanning device     90181299
    Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus     90181300
    The patient monitor, ECG, body temperature, blood pressure for, respiration, pulse, oxygen saturation, heart rate variability and other parameters to monitor, alarm and analysis.     90181930
    Intracranial pressure monitor     90181930
    Laser medical laser equipment through the fiber will take energy (such as He-Ne laser) into human veins, to produce biological effect, treatment equipment, including equipment for the treatment of the Department of Ophthalmology, dental, gynecological patients with various laser.     90181990
    Respiratory function tester     90181990
    Pulmonary gas distribution function testing instrument     90181990
    Positron emission tomography device, referred to as PET, similar to CT, but more precise.     90181990
    The principle of non X ray bone densitometer.     90181990
    Renal function instrument, medical diagnostic instrument using radioisotope examination of human kidney function.     90181990
    Medical diagnostic instrument thyroid function instrument using radioisotope examination of human thyroid function.     90181990
    Instrument for the determination of cardiac function indexes of cardiac function.     90181990
    Radioimmunoassay instrument     90181990
    Single photon emission tomography device, referred to as SPET, similar to CT, but more precise.     90181990
    Pulse instrument     90181990
    Tongue colour meter     90181990
    Medical radiation dose standard monitoring instrument, used for determination of the dose distribution in radiotherapy.     90181990
    Composition of radiotherapy treatment planning system is composed of PC, display, camera, image processing system, used for accurate design of radiotherapy dose and way.     90181990
    Application of electrochemical principle of electrochemical therapy instrument for tumor therapy.     90181990
    Electronic endoscope by CCD component image transmission of endoscope.     90181990
    Television endoscopy operation system, composed of a display, endoscope, high-frequency electric knife, cold light source, pneumoperitoneum machine and so on, for visceral operation etc..     90181990
    Endoscope image display system     90181990
    Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system, used in normal activities, monitoring, recording and analysis of long time blood pressure.     90181990
    Heart rate variability detector, for a specific set of parameter determination of heart rate change, to reflect the small lesions.     90181990
    Quantitative measurement of exercise ECG dynamometer for cardiac function.     90181990
    Evoked potential instrument, instrument measure changes in brain potential patients with sound, light signals and diagnosis.     90181990
    Brainstem audiometer, determination of patients with brainstem potential and was diagnosed with auditory nerve stimulated changes in the instrument.     90181990
    Electronystagmography apparatus for the determination of EOG signals.     90181990
    EEG diagnosis instrument     90181990
    Brain electrical instrument     90181990
    Brain wave analyzer     90181990
    EEG analysis recorder     90181990
    EMG machine was used for the determination of human muscle.     90181990
    Gastrointestinal current graph instrument for the determination of the human gastrointestinal electrical.     90181990
    EMG biofeedback instrument     90181990
    Temperature biofeedback instrument     90181990
    Heart rate feedback instrument per Ding Kang finishing     90181990
    Using the impedance method for the determination of human body blood flow impedance rheograph.     90181990
    Noninvasive cardiac output computer     90181990
    Medical infrared thermal imager, thermal imaging by analyzing the different parts of the human body, diagnosis instrument for inflammation, cancer and other symptoms.     90182000
    Infrared breast diagnosis instrument     90182000
    Self-destruction type disposable injector consists of a syringe jacket, core rod, piston, needle, self-destruction components. Sterile, non-toxic, no pyrogen, self - destruct, 100N force, 100mm/min rate, acting on the core bar, self-destruction performance is not failure, clinical for disposable injection.     90183100
    Medical catheter for percutaneous, non percutaneous interventional diagnosis and treatment.     90183900
    Comprehensive dental treatment machine     90184910
    Cataract ultrasonic emulsification instrument     90185000
    High-frequency electric coagulator in Department of Ophthalmology     90185000
    Department of Ophthalmology instruments and apparatus     90185000
    Blood pressure measuring instruments and appliances     90189020
    Fiber endoscope, endoscopic optical fiber image transmission, including hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy.     90189030
    Rigid endoscope, the optical lens imaging endoscopy, including bronchoscope, laryngoscope, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, gastrointestinal endoscopy.     90189030
    Hemodialyzer. Key components of artificial kidney for renal dialysis filtration, toxic and harmful substances.     90189040
    Renal dialysis equipment also known as artificial kidney.     90189040
    Radiofrequency thermotherapy machine per Ding Kang finishing     90189050
    Diathermy equipment     90189050
    Hemoperfusion adsorber for removing human drug poisoning.     90189060
    Membrane oxygenator, artificial heart lung machine key components, used to supply oxygen for the blood in extracorporeal circulation operation.     90189060
    Blood component transfusion device     90189060
    Autologous blood transfusion device     90189060
    Disposable leukocyte filter, paper-plastic packaging, ethylene oxide sterilization, pyrogen-free, 99.99% removal rate of WBC >, is used to filter the blood platelet, plasma, white blood cells.     90189060
    Anaesthetic equipment     90189070
    Urine analyzer, application of super high brightness cold light test principle, multiple chemical composition inspection in urine.     90189090
    Medical laser diagnosis equipment, equipment for the diagnosis of Department of Ophthalmology, dental, gynecological patients with various laser.     90189090
    Effect of He-Ne laser intravascular irradiation therapy instrument, laser emitted by He-Ne laser, treatment of blood diseases.     90189090
    Implantable drug delivery pump delivery device implanted in the body.     90189090
    Intra aortic balloon counterpulsation device through a reverse pulse treatment of cardiovascular diseases of blood.     90189090
    External counterpulsation device, pressure on the body, so that the blood reflux, improving myocardial hypoxia, used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.     90189090
    Cardiac defibrillators for emergency patients with cardiac ventricular fibrillation.     90189090
    Artificial heart lung machine for cardiac operation instead of the human heart and lung in vitro circulation.     90189090
    Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy     90189090
    Head positioner, fixed head as a brain operation,, in the irradiation of X light, accurate display position.     90189090
    Infant incubator     90189090
    Craniotomy craniotomy electric machine Department of cerebral surgery equipment.     90189090
    Microwave operation knife microwave wavelength is 1cm ~ 1m, can choose a variety of surgical operation knife head.     90189090
    Millimeter wave therapy apparatus, millimeter wave length of 1mm ~ 1cm, can be combined with other drugs and therapy, treatment of the body.     90189090
    RF operation knife every Ding Kang finishing     90189090
    RF ablation therapeutic instrument using radio frequency effect treating insufficiency.     90189090
    Gastrointestinal therapeutic instrument, simulated gastrointestinal bioelectric information, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis treatment.     90189090
    Acupuncture and moxibustion instrument     90189090
    High intensity focused ultrasound tumor therapeutic system     90189090
    CO2 laser treatment, small desktop injection molding machine, pistol laser output. The wavelength of 10.6 μ m, power of 0.5 ~ 10W continuously adjustable, focal spot diameter of 0.2mm, used for cutting open operation laser surgery, and lesion, vaporization, carbonization.     90189090
    Psychological function test device     90191090
    Hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of gas poisoning patients.     90192000
    The ventilator is used to maintain the patient's respiratory function.     90192000
    Orthopedic appliances or fracture     90211000
    Multi-layer acrylic teeth     90212100
    Artificial joint, made of biomedical material or surface coating of metal materials, used as a substitute for the joints of the human body.     90213100
    Artificial ceramic parts can fine ceramic components implanted in the body.     90213900
    Artificial heart valves, including biological and mechanical valve, used to replace human mitral valve, three tricuspid valve etc..     90213900
    Artificial bone biomaterials, hydroxyapatite, including medical ceramics etc..     90213900
    Carbon fiber artificial tendon     90213900
    Artificial skin     90213900
    Artificial crystal is used for the treatment of eye diseases.     90213900
    Artificial larynx     90213900
    The EMG control of the upper arm prosthesis     90213900
    Composite prosthesis     90213900
    Wound covering membrane artificial skin.     90213900
    The cardiac pacemaker, including in vitro and in vivo, for patients of heart rate, abnormal were pacing therapy.     90215000
    Porous ceramic sustained-release drug delivery, drug release period may be extended for more than 5 days of porous ceramics.     90219000
    X ray tomography instrument CT.     90221200
    By means of X - ray equipment dentistry     90221300
    Mobile X - ray machine equipped with the high voltage inverter 5kW device.     90221400.9
    Medical X ray intensifier television system, X ray television system with image intensifier.     90221400.9
    X X-ray angiography apparatus     90221400.9
    X ray gastrointestinal imaging device     90221400.9
    Radiotherapy simulators for accurate calibration, tumor location and estimation of target volume, treatment plan.     90221400.9
    X ray stereotactic radiosurgery system, also called X knife, with the medical linear accelerator, for X - ray stereotactic radiotherapy.     90221400.9
    Low dose X X-ray security inspection equipment     90221910
    Medical X ray detector, detection of X ray dose device for personal wear, can record values.     90221990
    Bone density detection instrument using X ray principle of bone density meter.     90221990
    X ray large vehicles, container inspection system, consisting of a linear accelerator, detectors and other components, X ray emitted by the linac penetration of different density material at different absorbed dose, the corresponding signal detected by the detector, the software analysis to obtain the image of the detected object is used for object detection, vehicle and container.     90221990
    Electron optical instruments spectrometer using X ray principle.     90221990
    Portable X fluorescence analyzer for analysis of metal components.     90221990
    Portable X ray nondestructive testing instrument, used for nondestructive testing of metal equipment.     90221990
    Isotope X ray fluorescence analyzer     90221990
    Alpha, beta, gamma ray equipment for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary.     90222100
    Digital gamma camera     90222100
    Radionuclide teletherapy machine, can be fixed, swing, swing and intermittent irradiation, used for long distance radiotherapy.     90222100
    Radionuclide remote afterloading, brachytherapy, 8 ~ 18 channels, for radiation therapy and tissue of patients with tumor of the cavity.     90222100
    Gamma ray stereotactic radio surgery, treatment system, also known as gamma knife, using a gamma ray (cobalt 60 source) for locating exposure, used in the treatment of tumor.     90222100
    Radiation therapy equipment     90222100
    Radiation scanner, to measure and analyze the distribution of radiation dosage range of the instrument by using water phantom and detector.     90222900
    Online grade analyzer, analyzer for metal content by using the radioactive sources on-line detection in pulp.     90222900
    Gamma ray flaw detection equipment industry, used for nondestructive testing of metal equipment.     90222900
    A key component of the X ray tube X ray machine.     90223000
    The key components of rotating anode X ray tube X ray machine.     90223000
    The grid control of key components of X ray tube X ray machine.     90223000
    CT- X-ray tube used for equipment of ct.     90223000
    In the (high) frequency X-ray tube used for equipment (high frequency X-ray machine).     90223000
    X ray image intensifier for fluoroscopy, photography, digital subtraction and X line inspection.     90229010
    Catheter angiography X ray machine bed with cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, nerve and blood vessel angiography, interventional radiology.     90229090
    Nondestructive electron accelerator, used for nondestructive testing equipment in the field of petroleum, aerospace, defense, etc..     90229090
    X ray high-frequency high-voltage generator, host X ray machine (including high frequency inverter)     90229090
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