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Main » 2011 » July » 30 » Bangladesh Development By Establishing Chemical Building
9:41 AM
Bangladesh Development By Establishing Chemical Building
My future Plan

I have a big plan for my country development. I want to make a big industry where chemical products will be produced and it will contribute to our country also contribute to spreading peace in the world. I want to make a Chemical Building where all the botanist and doctor will contribute in research. Additionally we will keep Chemical Engineer, Biotechnologist and IT specialist for research. Research will be based on Bangladeshi plant and trees and other biological resources. From the trees, researcher will make medicine and chemical which will be used to cure patient and apply in biochemical products respectively.

Chemical Building Structure

Chemical building structure will be like "H" structure in which the center point will be in between the two parallel line of "H". And chief chamber will be set in the center point and everything will be regulated from this center point. In this building one parallel line of "H" will be for research of Agriculture and another one for Biological Engineering research. One garden of trees and plants will be attached to the building which will be set with surrounding area of building. According to prediction of weather forecast that Bangladesh can go under the water due to sea level is being raised over Bangladesh therefore we will use special technology to set up the building and keep continue working smoothly under the water. Primarily this building will be 5-storied building later the number will be increased for any need. Training center will be set up for the trainee at the second floor of each parallel line of "H" and training center will be based on agriculture and biotechnology.


This building will contribute economically in the country by producing medicine and chemical which will be exported to other country. Research of agriculture and biotechnology will be applied to develop agriculture section of the country. We have a plan to make neutralization of any chemical based or poisonous weapon or any means which is used in war. We will make shield to prevent Nuclear Bomb also we will make chemical which can neutralize the nuclear bomb then no threat to the world or humankind. Registered & Protected

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