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MCI Examination Questions & Answers
WeifengDate: Sunday, 2012-10-07, 9:11 AM | Message # 1
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1)arterial occlusiön doesnt cause: cyanosis
2)sweating absent in:heat cramp
3)gadollinum scan inclds:mri
4)Allen test : integrity of palmar arch
5)breast feeding: the lower lip of child must be everted (not inverted)
6)breast feeding c/i in india exept: TB or anti retro viral therapy.idontknow exactly
7)pancreatitis severity: CT staging of necrosis
8)middle aged man run away from home : Fugue
9)litters hernia asstd with : mekls divrtclm.
10)Liver not producd: angiotensin
11)altitude asstd with endemic goitr: multifactorial cause
12) avrage observd reproductive rate of a women: GRR
13)Divergent lens: myopia
14)sympathectomy not used in: intermitend cloudication
15)compliment deffitiency seen in : SLE
16) 3 weeks control of diabetes is assesed by - FBS, acelyated Hb ??
17)obstetrician hand's is seen in ? - hypocalcemia??
18)ques on Glassgow coma scale that a person has poor motor response etc. options were - 9 10 11 12
19)normal plasma osmolarity
20)half life of serum albumin
21)extra calories in lactating female
22)lens is derived from
23)muscle which opens mouth
24)high spinal anesthesia causes
25)muscle which opens eye
26)lateral rectus nerve--abducens
27)stratified non cornified seen in all excep
28)D cells secrete --somatostatin
29)burking is seen in
30)m/c cause of hypothyroidism in India
31)commonest cause of short stature --cretinism
31)first secondary sexual character to appear in male
32)pulmonary fibrosis--busulphan
33)drugs used in carcinogenic shoc--dopamine,dobutamine ,noradrenaline,adrenaline
34)distant metastasis in retinoblastoma --liver,brain,lung,
35) effective dose of mifepristone-50,100,200,400
36) cililary muscle - dilation of pupil,constriction
37) vitamin reponsible for carboxylation reaction
38) before ocp health worker asks- headache, calf tenderness,swelling,
39) preterm birth asymtomatic pregnant women cut of value ofcervical length-30,25,20,15
40) 2nd trimester erythropoesis- liver,spleen,bonemarrow, lymphnode
41 best indicator of short tearm control of blood gluose
42 sternal angle corresponds
43 shivering caused by-stimulation of fibres cuming from anterior pitutary, posterior,anterior and posterior pitutary,medulla
44 lateral wall of ischioanal fossa formed by all except levator ani,obturator interusums, ischial tuberosity
45 t helper cell
46 muscle responsible in quiet breathing
47 dose of anti d iga after delivery 50,150,300,450
48 target fibres seein in biopsy of dermatophsis,motor disease,myasthenia gravis, drug induced mypopathy
49 statins long 1/2 life cerivastatin,pravastatin,simastatin
50 ocp reduces riskof bresat ca,ovary ca,cervical,vaginal
WeifengDate: Sunday, 2012-10-07, 9:12 AM | Message # 2
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51 sspe seen in - measels, rebies, rubella, mumps. ans- measels.
52- intranuclear and intracytoplasmic calcification see in- pox, rabies, measles,...???
53- what is the secondry function of sup.rectus muscle - intorsion and adduction.
54- which subtype cause mximum carcinoma of cervix- hpv 16 and 18, hpv 6 and 11, hpv 31 and 32, ans is- 16 and 18
55-wa is treatment of primary syphillis?
56- hooch seen in- cannabis, methy alcohal, ethyl alcohal????
57-rgt homonymous hemianopia caused by - left oblique palsy, rgt oblique palsy????
58-80 yrs old man have abdominal pain since 3 yrs and agrrevated just after taking food and relief by sitting down, and complaining of regurgitation also the most common cause - peptic ulcer ds, pyloric stenosis,illeus,??????
59-in gullien barre syndrome which nerve is commonly affected- facial, trigeminal, occulomotor, abducent. ans is - facial
60-treatment of choice of amleria in relaps phase-?????
61-casal nacklese seen in defect of- thiamine, plegra, b12 ans is- plegra.
62-which is not include in triple therapy of peptic ulcer ds- amoxicillin, ppi,clethromycin, ciprofloxacin. ans - ciprofloxacin.
63-long time of thyroid nodules cause- papillary ca, anaplastic ca, follicular ca, adenoma???????
64-baggasosi caused by- sugarcaine
65- external cephalic version c/i in - breech, multigravida?????
66-diebetic foot caused by- macroangiopatic
67-gallodian used in- mri
68-spider leg appearence seen in ivp- polycystic ds
69-which muscle retracts the eyelids- mullers and lps
70-patient having problem to go downstaire which nerve is palsy- superior oblique, inf.oblique, medial rectus, lateral rectus, ans - superior oblique.
71-child attain 100cm height in (yrs)- 5, 4, 2, 1. ans - 4
72-pts was on treatment of ascites, develop mucous diarrhoea cause- amoebic, antibiotic induced????
73-treatment of hypercholesterolemia- b1, b6, b9 b12??
74-phenol coefiicient test for- eficasy of disinfectant.
75-not done lumber sympathectomy in- intermittent claudication.
76-cause of winging of scapula- long thoracic nerve palsy
77-not content in pyloric plane-????
78-brest feed not c/i in- anti retroviral therapy, pul.tb,severe cariac ds, peurpural psycosis????
79-brest milk content which aminoacid which is develop the brain- taurine, tyrosine, lysine???
80-not in immune comple hs reaction- good pasture, sle, arthus reaction, post stept. gn. ans - good pasture syn.
81-not x-linked ds- hemophilia, heredetory spherocyte,duchne muscular dystrophy,????
82-drug of enterohepac dermatitic- dapsome.
83-defficience in enterohepatic dermatitis- zn.
84-21 day old child nonbillous vometing and constipation cause- eosophageal atrasia, illeus,pyloric stenosis?????
85-antigloucoma drug c/i in athma patient- proponolo, metoprolol,atenolol???? ans- propanolol.
86-anti hypertensive drug c/i in pregnancy- ace inhibitor
87-lopoxigenasge pathway block by- ziluetin
88-most common maternal mortality- hemmorrhage,
89- surgery of choice of congenital hydrocele?
90- n-acetyl cytine give for hepatic toxicity caused by poisoning of - acetaphenomen.
91- rate limiting enzyme for cholesterol synthesis - hmg co-a reductase.
92- head tilt - 3 month.
93- child can say his/her gender at - 2 and 1/2 to 3 year.
94- lady feel her nose is very enlarge and no body is seeing like that - dismorphic body diorder.
95- microcytic hypochomic anemia not seen in- fanconi, iron defficiency. thalassemia, lead poioning. ans is - fanconi.
96- most common involved in complete paralyse in polio- tibia dorsalis, tibia anterialis, qurdiceps femoris?
97- hyoid bone associate with- thyroglossal cyst, bronchal cyst.
98-night cough associte with all accept- copd, lvf, pneumonia,asthma
99-harm shock- septic, hypovolmic, cardiogenic?
100- human development index not include- life expext at one yrs of age
WeifengDate: Sunday, 2012-10-07, 9:13 AM | Message # 3
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101-intracranial calcification best test for view- mri, ct, fdg
102-hair end seen- thalessemia
103-obstratical hand seen in- hypophosphetemia, hypocalcemia, hypernatremia?
105-frocent sign ee in- ulner nerve injury
106-cryptosporodium satain-??
107 what happens peep with plateau effect is... co increases venus returns dereases,co decreases venus return decreases....
108 coronary blood flow increases during?systole diastole..
109 mc cause of stroke in old age ...thromboembolism,hemorrhage,embolic,
110 medial adrenelectomy is done by?
111 24 yrs male complains of mild urethral discharge and after a contact with a sex worker...drug used is...azithromycin 1mg once.azithromycin 1mg for 3 weeks,azithromycin500g od,azithromycin
112 quadraple in 2 trimester test what is not done????afp,bhcg,estradol,
113 patient on phenotoin therapy needs which vitamin suppliment???folic acid,vit b12.b6,
114 a10 yrs old boy consumes nail polish what is the type of poisoning???
115 what is the type of perforation of tympanic membrane in tb
116 what happens in vagi to respiratory rate..shalow and rapid,no effect,
117 net protein of egg...80.100,90,120
1st sitting questions
118. Iron req in lactating mother of 6 months?…options were in dosage of iron in mg
119. Glossopharyngeal nerve supply which muscle… a/e question? which was there in your OD
120. Stratified non cornified sq ep seen in A/E?…uterus
121. Abd of vocal cord?- options were muscle of vocal cord
122. Immunogenic hypersensitivity can be transferred by transfer of ?….Imunoglobulin…CD4 cells…
123. CD4+ cells A/E questions?…options I don’t remember but it was relating to the property/functions of the cells
124. Stomach bed is formed by A/E?…spleen…lt kidney…lt lobe of liver…
125. When both vagi are cut what happens? Resp depth increases
126. Small intestine absorbs which Carb?…disacc…poly sacch
127. In…(some metabolic d/s mentioned)… which Amino acid absorption is defective? Amino acid names were mentioned
128. Muscle glycogen cant be used in blood glucose level due to def of which enzyme?
129. In starvation which enzymes level is elevated?
130. Leucopenia is seen in A/E? starvation, enteric fever, virus & parasite infection, new born
131. Phenytoin in pregnancy , which vitamin is given? Options were name of vitamin
132. Steroid is used in a/e
133. Cohort has following advantage except? It is cheaper than case control study
134. WHO notifiable d/s are
135. Which of the following is the numerator of….? Abhove 60yrs+below 15yrs population…(3 different combination of 60+10…65+10…65+15)
136. Short acting mydriatic?
137. Atropine is added to…(some cocaine grp of drug)for which reason? Decrease the dependence/abuse
138. H1 receptor mediates which action? Gastric secretions…
139. Endothelium mediates which anticoagulant factor A/E?
140. Alpha waves A/E is true?
141. Normal quite respiration uses ? Diapharagm…D+ext oblique…ext obli…ext obli+int obliq
142. Not a normal commensal of conjunctival sac? trachomatis…
143. A/E RNA virus…Rota…adeno…hepatadena
144. Seminal vesicle A/E…stores sperms…fructose…
145. Testicular biopsy is done in…pyo..oligo…necrospermia
146. Reason for fluorescence of sperm? Spermin…choline…
147. Yellow fever A/E? incubation period /carrier aedes/1 infection gives life long immunity/ vaccine certificate starts 10 yrs after vaccination
148. Chicken pox infectivity? 1d before 4d after….4d+1d…
149. t/t of warfarin A/E? cryo ppt….vit k…
150. Regarding t/t with Iron which is right? Therapy should be continued for 3(2 or 3 months nt sure) months even after…
WeifengDate: Sunday, 2012-10-07, 9:13 AM | Message # 4
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151. Mouth is opened by? Med ptery…lat ptery…tempo…masseter
152. Which structure passes thru inferior sciatic arch?
153. Lat. Wall of Ischiorectal fossa formed by?
154. Lat.Rectus is supplied by which cranial nerve?
155. In 2nd week test of typhoid infection which is used? Blood…widal+stool…widal…stool
156. Which is the cut-off cervical length for premature delivery/PROM? 15mm…20…25…30mm
157. Angalwadi worker function A/E? collection of data…
158. ASHA function A/E? accompany lady for ANC…give pre-nursery teching to children…
159. Ketamine question was based on its property of usage in shock (A/E quest)
160. Propofol question was A/E based on property of its day care surgery
161. 15yrs old,lesion in medullary part…in metaphysis…diagnosis?
162. HSV natural host? Man…monkey…
163. Zileution..MoA??? CoX…LoX…
164. A/E criteria for diagnosis of bact. Vaginosis? Repeat from book
165. Intra-nuclear and Intra-cytoplasmic body seen in…? rabies…
166. HTN in pregnancy, Which drug is C/I? ACE inhib
167. Chemotherapy for Ca Cervix, which drug is used?
168. OCP decreases which cancer? Ovarian…breast…
169. Menorrhagia is a feature is a feature of A/E?
170. Quadruple test done in 2nd trimester is A/E? HCG…AFP…Inhibin…
171. (some surgical incision name was given)…A/E? rectus mus is cut in midline…rectus abd mus …peritoneum is cut longitudinal
172. Acute traumatic haemorrhage 1st change to be seen? Reticulocytosis … thrombocytopenia … microcytic hypochromic anemia
173. Coup & counter coup injury is seen in? moving head … stationary head…
174. B-blocker used in A/E? renal d/s (asthma was not in option)
175. Saw shaped…in dermo epidermal junction is seen in? lichen planus… psoriasis
176. Minimum dose of mifeprostine used for MTP? 50…100…200…300mg
177. Cilliary muscle function? Change in curvature of lense… constriction of pupil
178. Ant.border of Sternocledomastoid which is seen? Branchial cyst… cystic….odontgenous… dentigenous
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